Jane-Holly Weintraub

Attorney at Law

representing clients since 1989

I am an experienced trial lawyer who has been representing clients in New Hampshire since 1989. With three decades of presenting cases to judges, juries, and hearing examiners, I have provided hundreds of clients with vigorous and cost-effective services. I have learned that clients need a lawyer who can offer them strong negotiating skills while at the same time be trial ready. This combination of skills – being a powerful, effective negotiator while also knowing how to try cases persuasively – is what every client deserves when they hire a lawyer.

I began practicing law with the New Hampshire Public Defenders, working first in Manchester and then in Nashua. I received exceptional training as a trial lawyer, participating in intensive, weeklong programs, training with nationally recognized trial experts. Over almost 10 years, I represented approximately 300 clients a year, many of whom faced dire outcomes with circumstances and resources stacked against them. My experience taught me that the best outcomes result from strong lawyer-client partnerships, assiduous fact gathering and careful research of the law.

In 1998, I founded Wing & Weintraub PC in Milford, New Hampshire. My areas of practice since then have been primarily family law, personal injury, and criminal law. In June 2019, I formed Weintraub Law PLLC.

I get to know my clients well. My case preparation starts from understanding my clients’ circumstances and background. I listen carefully. We stay in touch. I am accessible to my clients and answer their phone calls and emails promptly. I advise my clients in plain language and do not sugarcoat necessary explanations. Together we collaborate on the best course of action. I make sure my clients know the costs involved in our work together.

I encourage my clients to put our time and energy into reaching a settlement of their dispute. Litigation in court is costly, much slower, frequently acrimonious and almost always unpredictable. Whenever possible, holding the solution in your own hand is preferable to leaving the outcome of your case in other people’s control. Some situations, however, require court intervention – either due to an emergency or because it’s the only available option to achieve a just result.

My motivation to become a lawyer was fueled by working in the mid-nineteen eighties at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. My work was to prevent the removal of children from their homes by strengthening the capacities of families. When removals became necessary, I ended up in court with lawyers who were now in charge of the fate of “my” families. I found myself wanting to be the advocate for the people I knew well and wanted to succeed. I wanted fair results in situations where my clients were often lost in the system and towed under by circumstances beyond their control. People were in complicated, adverse predicaments, where resources and institutions had unfair advantages over them, and their voices needed to be heard. I came to believe that everyone with a court case deserved a “million dollar” defense. At MSPCC, I found myself both at ease and able to be a powerful player in court. I chose to invest my future into becoming the type of lawyer I had envisioned that my families deserved.

Today, many clients come into my office thinking they know just what they want. They may want to fight hard in Court. Or, they may be dead set that trying to reach an agreement is the only way to go. I believe clients need to know their choices well before they commit to a course of action. A lawyer skilled in both paths is best positioned to fully advise their clients. It has been my observation that many lawyers’ strengths lie in one skill set or the other. I am gratified to be able to provide my clients the critical skills from both these areas of advocacy. My clients can determine which course to embark on initially, knowing they can switch gears later.

Jane-Holly and her puppy, Rooney

Jane-Holly and Rooney

At Weintraub Law PLLC, I look forward to providing you honest, experienced, and cost-efficient legal services. I am usually able to provide a free consultation so you can decide whether to choose me as your legal advocate.

I attended Cornell University, NY and Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I hold a social work degree and earned my Juris Doctor in Law in 1989 from Northeastern University School of Law, MA. I am licensed to practice in New Hampshire and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I am a member of the New Hampshire Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Family Law practice group of the New Hampshire Bar, the New Hampshire Association for Justice, a civil litigation group involving personal injury cases, and the New Hampshire Collaborative Law Alliance, which provides a non-litigation method for clients to resolve their family law cases by negotiation.