Practice Area:

Criminal Law

Weintraub Law represents clients charged with every type of criminal charge. Attorney Weintraub has represented clients facing mandatory life in prison, clients charged with minor offenses, such as motor vehicle violations, and clients charged with misdemeanors and felonies facing jail. Drug offenses need specialized advocacy so clients can get the help they need instead of punishment and incarceration. We have 30 years experience providing strenuous defenses to DWI accusations. We raise every possible challenge to the State’s evidence and investigate potential evidence the State has overlooked. Weintraub Law pursues an extensive motion practice before trial. These pre-trial hearings focus courts on illegal conduct by the state which can result in dismissal of charges or suppression of evidence at your trial. Weintraub Law represents clients charged with domestic violence and violations of Court orders. We provide representation at Department of Motor Vehicle hearings such as administrative license suspensions, point suspensions, under age 20 driver suspensions, and habitual offender certification and de-certification hearings.